Rekruit Airside ™

Rekruit Airside ™

Our Total Airport Screening Services include:

Rekruit provide comprehensive background screening services that adhere to the strict regulations required to obtain airside passes at UK airports. We have years of experience in processing applicants in UK airports efficiently which has made us the UK's leading background check company and the best in the business at getting airside passes to employees quickly and effectively. Background screening can become a mundane task that inevitably becomes a burden on your business.

However it is essential for any employee working in the restricted area airside to have an extensive background check. That is where we come in, we take the weight off your shoulders and quickly process all of the information needed to complete a meticulous background check so your employee can get to work swiftly. Our background checks are done quickly and effectively, they include a thorough 5 year check, A Criminal records check (U.K and international) and a General Security Awareness Training (GSAT).

We are also able to complete CV verification checks which will assure you that the person you are taking on really is the best candidate for the job.

What We Will Provide:

  • Free online access to view the progress of your applicants, with unlimited logins for each of your administrators
  • References to cover the applicants full previous 5-year history
  • UK DBS, issued within the last 10 weeks
  • Overseas Police Record Check, if required
  • GSAT certificate
  • Relevant file notes for the ID Centres

Any airport employer will know the difficulties that come with processing employees to obtain their Airside pass and the problems this causes with the expiry of their temporary pass. Whilst speed is essential, it is vital that the documentation is obtained carefully and adheres to the strict guidelines of the CAA id-centre. Every day, our processes are helping our clients ensure they can retain their staff and so limit the problems of pass expiry.

Our team at Rekruit have many years of experience in processing applicants across UK airports efficiently and diligently. We provide outsourced screening services to a growing number of airport companies including retailers, cafes, restaurants, cargo and flight service companies.


    • We only require the applicants name and email address from you, and we'll do the rest
    • We provide detailed online reporting (real-time) - see how your applicants are progressing at any time.
    • Fast turn-around of all applicants regardless of history
    • Any required file notes are provided by us
    • No cancellation charges
    • In-house multi-lingual administrators for translations
    • Low pricing per applicant, chargeable only on ID Centre approval
    • No capacity - our service is not compromised by processing large numbers of applicants

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